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Goodwood – Festival of Speed

Founded in 1993 by Lord March, a man with a true passion for motorsport, historic racers and throwing truly memorable events, the Festival of Speed forms a milestone on the annual motoring calendar. The hill climb takes place in the grounds of Goodwood House, back in the early nineties Lord March took the decision to host the event in his own grounds, while permits were obtained to race once more at the legendary Goodwood Motor Circuit. The house provides the perfect back drop for an event with acres of motoring eye candy and the legendary timed climb.

It’s a fantastic experience being able to get so close to the action and see so many significant cars in one place. Just hearing them flat out up the hill, so near you can almost touch them, is magnificent.

Maserati GranCabrio MC

As I arrived at the Festival of Speed on the Friday, I was offered the opportunity of a ride up the hill in in the brand new Maserati GranCabrio MC with Bradley Ellis at the wheel. With MC standing for Maserati Corse, it was going to be no ordinary ride.

The first thing that strikes you about the GranCabrio, is the silhouette. It looks fast, elegant yet purposeful; like a James Bond villain’s pet shark. Poised, ready to devour miles at pace and in style. The colour, Blu Inchiostro, of this particular car was stunning, in the sun the depth and richness just shone out, complimented by the contrasting Bianco Pregiato leather.

Eclipsing all the looks, is the noise! The roar and crackle of the 4.7ltr V8 is intoxicating and the drivers didn’t hold back, allowing the crowds to hear just how special all 460bhp sounds.

Although lining up for the run up the hill took some time, it was a great opportunity to get close to a few of the other supercars in the run. I was immediately drawn to the Porsche 911R, it really is a special car. Out in the wild it looks even more impressive than it did at the Geneva Motor Show. I just can’t wait until I can get behind the wheel of my very own 911R at the end of the year.

The run up Goodwood Hill.

Not that I would have expected anything less, but Brad didn’t hold back. Propelling us up the Goodwood Hill at a rapid pace. As a spectator, you just don’t realise how much of the course is unsighted, just how much speed can be carried and just how close you get to that flint wall!

Once again, the Goodwood Festival of Speed delivered. I just wish I’d gone for the whole weekend! Roll on next year!

Thanks again to Maserati GB and Bradley Ellis for the epic run up the hill.

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