EuroHoon '17 - Part 1

Supercars and the Circuit De Reims-Gueux

January 21, 2018.CCFool.1 Like.0 Comments

Welcome to the first part of the 3-part ‘EuroHoon ’17’ mini-series.

Back in September 2017, we embarked on an adventure to the Swiss and Italian Alps, before heading home via Munich and Stuttgart. Part 1 covers the crossing of the Channel Tunnel, a photo stop at the famous Circuit de Reims-Gueux and the first of the passes of the trip; the Klausen Pass, Susten Pass and Grimsel Pass.

Circuit de Reims-Gueux, once used for Formula 1, is now just a ghost town shell, with the public road now replacing the pit straight. It’s a great opportunity to capture some iconic photos.

The north side of the Klausen Pass is narrow, poorly surfaced and gave us the chance to get up close and personal with the local wildlife! Moo! The Susten Pass is one of the finest the Alps has to offer, fast flowing with good tarmac leading onto the Grimsel and dropping down to the famous Grimsel Dam.

Enjoy the film!

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