The London Classic Car Show

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The London Classic Car Show. An opportunity to get up close to some of the finest classic metal the world has to offer.

@CarCrazedFool was lucky enough to be invited by Paul Stephens PS AutoArt, dealer of classic Porsche and builder of the UK’s answer to Singer, to the Thursday preview. The evening was a chance to see what the show has to offer this weekend, chat to familiar faces and be overwhelmed by the sheer number of outrageously cool cars.

The show is held at London’s ExCel Exhibition centre in Docklands, easily reached by the DLR, and not to be missed by anyone with a passion petrol pumping classic cars. Opened by Jenson Button, Bruno Senna and Jodie Kidd the show features the a ‘Grand Avenue’ where beautiful and rare cars from around the world can cruise for the crowds.

Surrounding the ‘Grand Avenue’ various classic car dealers are displaying their very finest cars for sale. Everything from Amercian muscle to recently discovered movie car legends. One of my favourite cars of the show was the Italian Job Muira, it’s a stunning car to behold in it’s own right, only made more special by it’s iconic movie status. If I could have one car, the Muira would be it. It’s a great opportunity to dream!

Accompanying the dealers, on the other side of the ExCel centre, is a solid representation of the leading UK car clubs. It was a great opportunity to discuss the finer details of the various marques and get a closer look at a few of the rarer models with their actual owners. I’m looking forward to catching up with a few of the BMW Club members in the new future.

If you get the chance to make it to this years London Classic Car Show, do it. There is epic metal waiting to be drooled over.

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