The Chase

The Manghen Pass, Dolomites

September 17, 2018.CCFool.2 Likes.0 Comments


This years EuroHoon was full of epic roads, incredible cars and outstanding scenery. But one pass stood out:

Late on the Thursday evening, having seen race cars littering the surrounding towns, we found ourselves on the Manghen Pass. As we approached the start, we attracted mildly concerned looks from official looking men in fluorescent jackets. We didn’t stop, we didn’t pause, with blood racing through our veins we put pedal to the metal and pushed on.

The south side is narrow, twisty and tree lined. We hustled as quickly as we dared and the visibility allowed, pushing onward to the summit. Realising, as we passed a number of chicanes, this pass would soon be forming a part of the San Marino Rally. The race was on!

The north side provided us with a dramatic decent. Open views, with tight and snaking tarmac allowing us to push harder with pace notes ringing in our ears.

“Easy left maybe, into right, four, over crest.”

Enjoy the video!

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