Porsche 911R: Collection Day

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What happens when the waiting is over?

It’s been a long wait. Late September 2015, I placed the deposit for my 911R with a slightly bemused Chris Bays at Porsche Centre Colchester. It was the morning the first spy shots had been released; confirming the suspicions I’d had after we spotted a striped 911, accompanied by an original 911R, filming in the Alps during our annual EuroHoon. A film that would become the official Porsche film for the 911R. I’m kicking myself now for not being a little quicker on the uptake and grabbing some photos with a long lens!

Since that day in October, the experience leading up to ownership has been an adventure. The anticipation of waiting to see if I had an allocation, the trip to see the launch car first hand at Geneva, the first time behind the wheel at Silverstone, the impromptu road trip to Stuttgart to catch a glimpse of my car on the production line and the endless discussions about spec with Richard Eniffer at Porsche Centre Colchester; together, even before collection day arrived, had already made it a ‘Bucket List’ experience.

The Best Day of 2016

I couldn’t believe my car, my Porsche 911R, was finally ready for collection. 22nd October 2016 is a date I’m not going to forget. The night before felt like Christmas Eve, constantly waking up to check the clock, closing my eyes and imagining turning the key for the first time. Visualising dipping the clutch, engaging first and rolling out of the showroom. Mentally running through easing the throttle and listening the revs build. It was a long night.

Being someone that thinks every journey is no more than twenty minutes; inevitably I was late to Porsche Centre Colchester! Once again Richard Eniffer and the team had gone above and beyond to make the collection a truly unforgettable experience. I was greeted by two other 911Rs, a friend in his yellow Lotus Exige and Instagram photography legends; @skullsandsnaps, @rchanphotography and @munch997.

The detail that Richard went to was just awesome, even to the point that the sign next to the car and the handover sheet were in orange. Loved it.

Photos by @skullsandsnaps

After spending, what for everyone else must have seemed like hours, just staring at my car. There was only one thing left to do; start her up! Inserting the body-matched key in to the ignition, a short twist and she barked into life. Rolling out into the sunlight, the photo shoot began.

Grabbing a few photos at the showroom, we then headed to Bentwaters Parks for a professional photo shoot with @skullsandsnaps, @rchanphotography and @munch997.

Photos by @rchanphotography

October 22nd was an epic day.

Thanks to Porsche Centre Colchester; Richard Eniffer, Chris Bays, Jo Kingman, Roger Chan and Chris Willams for making it such a memorable day.

Photos by @munch997
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